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Wear Products

Kenco Wear Patch was designed by hardfacing specialists to eliminate common hardfacing problems: high cost of applying, material dilution, warping from heat distortion, and the time required to cover wear areas. Kenco Wear Patch addresses all of these problems AND provides a wear surface in excess of 60 Rockwell “C.” Our most popular sizes are only 3/16″ or 1/4″ thick thus adding minimal weight.

Kenco Wear Patch is available in various sizes and configurations. Kenco Wear Patch can be flame or plasma cut to fit special sizes or applications. Selected sizes are available for high wear AND moderate impact. Kenco Wear Patch is easy to install with tack or plug welds and can be applied with either Mig or common low hydrogen electrodes. The result is better protection that can be installed 10 times faster than hardfacing.

Asphalt and aggregate plants, Steel Mills, road construction and earth moving equipment, screw conveyors, drag conveyors, any wearing surface Kenco offers the solution. Check out their website kencoengineering.com – it is second to none. The real cost of wear parts goes way beyond the purchase price. Real savings come in parts engineered for longer wear life by Kenco Engineered products.

John Bridge’s salesman Clay Slough is shown with one of his customers Kenco Engineering wearing applications.