Midway Corporation

About Us

Midway recognizes that the success of any organization rests with the people who make up that organization. We are proud to have over 100 highly trained, committed, and dedicated associates who always put the customer first.

Consistent with its principle of continuously advancing in the marketplace, Midway Tool & Abrasive recently acquired three leading tooling companies, while at the same time entering into an exclusive agreement with the leading global manufacturer of tooling and metalworking solutions. These developments have led to Midway Tool & Abrasive becoming a market leader in the tooling and abrasive systems for the metal working industry.

Midway Tool & Abrasive strives to continually advance in the metal working marketplace by providing engineered tooling and grinding solutions to our customers which enable them to excel in today's globally competitive marketplace. This continuous advancement is enabled by the long tradition of service and quality that our dedicated and highly trained associates provide. By remaining at the forefront of technological innovation and partnering with the world's leading manufacturers of tooling and abrasives for the metal working industry we are able to help our customers remain global market leaders and ensure that Midway Tool & Abrasive succeeds in its mission and vision.