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Metapor micro-porous materials have gained popularity in the plastics industry for production of air-permeable tooling for thermoforming processes. Material handleing applications include vacuum clamping tables and chucks.


Engineers from numerous industrial fields have been applying Metapor products to situations requiring even clamping forces using vacuum as well as even cushion forces using air pressure. The increasing number of applications and specific customer requirements have led to the introduction of Metapor porous metals and ceramics for a wide range of material handling applications.


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The most common application for Metapor is vacuum clamping. It is used to accurately hold down printed circuit boards, semi-conductor wafers, liquid crystal displays and other delicate components. General machining and manufacturing industries use the material to build flat and 3-D vacuum chucks in order to clamp parts for machining, trimming, assembly and numerous types of other processes.


Most Metapor materials achieve a build-up of pressure within the vacuum clamping system, resulting in strong holding forces across the entire surface, even when it is only partially covered.

Metapor Aluminum Sheets / Plates

Thickness Plate Size
15mm 150mm x 150mm
20mm 250mm x 250mm
30mm 500mm x 500mm

Custom Plates

  • Plates larger than 500 mm x 500 mm are available as custom casting of large plates or bonding of standard plates into larger plates.

Metapor Grades

  • BF 100 AL
  • HD 100 AL
  • BF 210 AL
  • MC 100 AL
  • CE 100 White

Custom cutting for specific thickness is available on certain product types.

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