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Nolan’s Mill & Metal is still here to serve you!

Nolan’s Mill & Metal is a division of Midway Industrial Supply representing over 4000 manufacturers that cover the complete gamut of industrial supplies, tools & metals. With our extensive vendor base we can handle virtually any of your tooling or special metal requirements.

About Nolan’s Mill & Metal…

John Nolan, formerly of T&A Industrial and Nolan Supply has created a new business entity called Nolan’s Mill & Metal. This new operation is a partnership with Midway Industrial Supply.

Nolan’s Mill and Metal Offers High-Quality Alloy Steel For Industrial Use

Nolan’s Mill and Metal is the leading provider of high-quality metal products and specialty services for a wide range of industries. We are well known for being one of the most reliable distributors of raw materials, specializing in the hard to find grades. With over 50 years of experience in sourcing raw materials, our vast product and service offerings are unmatched in the industry.

What is Spring Steel?

Spring steel is an alloy that can withstand intense twisting and bending without becoming distorted. It is resilient and pliable, yet durable, which is perfect for a general use steel. Products made with this alloy can be bent, extended, compressed, or twisted, yet they will return to their original shape. This characteristic is commonly known as “high yield strength.”