About Nolan’s Mill & Metal…

John Nolan, formerly of T&A Industrial and Nolan Supply has created a new business entity called Nolan’s Mill & Metal. This new operation is a partnership with Midway Industrial Supply.

John has been sourcing specialty metals and industrial supplies for 40+ years. In 1976, at the outset of this impressive multi-decade journey, he began by selling a two-item lineup at Nolan Supply: WD-40 and Nifty Bar. Over the course of the next almost-half century, John grew his industrialreach to what is now Nolan’s Mill & Metal’s source book of over 4,000 vendors.

Now partnered with Midway Industrial Supply, John Nolan and Nolan’s Mill & Metal’s raw material and industrial supply sourcing capabilities are unparalleled across New York State and beyond. According to John, “the partnership between Nolan’s Mill & Metal and Midway Industrial Supply will elevate our ability to offer a one-stop-shop for competitively priced specialty metals and industrial supplies to the next level.

Nolan’s Mill & Metal is thrilled to join forces with Midway – “our time-tested approach to sourcing combined with Midway’s strength and resources will allow us to provide our current and prospective customers with a sourcing and purchasing experience unmatched in the field.”

Check out our website at www.nolansmillandmetal.com and our product lines at https://www.nolansmillandmetal.com/line-cards

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