What is Spring Steel?

Spring steel is an alloy that can withstand intense twisting and bending without becoming distorted. It is resilient and pliable, yet durable, which is perfect for a general use steel. Products made with this alloy can be bent, extended, compressed, or twisted, yet they will return to their original shape. This characteristic is commonly known as “high yield strength.”

Why Does Spring Steel Have a High Yield Strength?

Spring steel’s high yield strength is achieved through one of two manufacturing processes: (1) Hardening by heat treatment and (2) Work hardening.

Hardening by heat treatment is achieved by heating the steel, then quenching it, which rapidly brings it down to room temperature. The steel must also be expertly tempered to relieve its stresses and ensure that it does not become brittle. This process is commonly used to produce items such as flat springs and saw blades.

Work hardening, on the other hand, increases the tensile strength of the material by rolling it and reducing its thickness. This process is used to create spring steel sheets, strips, rods, and bars.

Common Uses for Spring Steel

In addition to this metal’s many commercial applications, most people have used a spring steel item at some point in their lives. This material is often used to create:

  • Springs
  • Washers
  • Lock Picks
  • Antennas
  • Saw Blades
  • Lawn Mower Parts
  • Vehicle Coil Springs
  • Small Aircraft Landing Gear
  • And More!

Are There Different Types of Spring Steel?

There are many different types of spring steel. They may be identified by their steel grade, which is determined by a material’s chemical, physical, and environmental properties. They may also be identified by their application, such as compression, torsion, or tension.

Here at Nolan’s Mill and Metal, we work with vendors who provide:

  • 1074/1075 General Purpose Spring Steel
  • 1075 Spring Steel Rolls
  • 1095 Spring Steel Strips & Rolls
  • 1095 Wear Resistant Spring Steel

Our expert metal technicians will help you determine which type of spring steel is the right choice for your needs. Just call 800-504-1126, and the Nolan’s Mill and Metal team will be happy to assist you!

You can also request a quote online for any of our top-of-the-line spring steel products!

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