Nolan’s Mill and Metal Offers Carbide Recycling, Cutting Tool Sharpening, & More Industrial Services

In addition to our raw materials sourcing, Nolan’s Mill and Metal works with an extensive vendor base to offer a variety of industrial services at competitive prices. These services ensure that manufacturers across the United States can continue to create their products without unwanted delays.

Among our company’s most popular services is carbide recycling. Tungsten carbide is a durable, malleable combination of carbon and tungsten elements, which is commonly used for cutting and mining tools, as well as mill products. Recycling tungsten carbide scrap with Nolan’s Mill and Metal is a great way for manufacturers to help their company’s bottom line and advance their sustainability goals.

Nolan’s Mill and Metal is also sought after for our cutting tool sharpening and metal polishing and finishing services. The former keeps sharp tools working like new, while the latter is an essential final step for many manufacturers.

We work with our vendor base to offer numerous additional industrial services, including band saw blade welding, blanchard and surface grinding, burnouts, gage calibration, precision tool repair, production cutting and waterjet cutting.

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